Stock Update


Take at look at our new stock and enjoy the Poxbrothers experience.
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PS: big changes are coming over the course of the coming weeks/months, keep yourself updated!


PoxBrothers now has an automated bidder!

Hello dear customers,

We have some awesome news for you guys, the store is now fully automated!
This means that from now on after you have bought some runes, within 30sec the bid should be made.

There are a couple of things that you do need to know about this though:
- There must be a bronze token in the trade (do not put up a common rune as this will not trigger the bot).
- Make sure you do not order more than 99 runes at once, as on one trade the Pox Nora trader will only accept 99 runes and the bronze token.
- Keep in mind we are still in the beta-phase of this system, if there would be an issue with your trade please contact us here.
- Most of all, enjoy the hell out of the new system, haha!